JioGames is a gaming app store run by India’s largest telecom operator, Reliance Jio. The store app serves the company’s 300+ million smartphone subscribers and is integrated with popular local and preferred payment services.
Focusing exclusively on gamers in India, JioGames offers high-quality popular games, spread across a variety of genres. Action, adventure, racing, casual, and puzzle games are the most popular among mobile gamers in India.
The store is curated, and the JioGames editorial team removes clutter to improve game discovery, particularly for quality indie titles. Its strong distribution AI-based recommendation engine helps target high-quality users for your games. JioGames is also embedded in telecom bundle devices regularly through its OEM partnerships.
How many users does JioGames have?
JioGames will be launched to 300+ million Jio smartphone subscribers in India.
What revenue share terms does JioGames offer?
Developers get 70% of revenue share from in-app purchase.
What kind of devices can the JioGames client support?
The JioGames store client runs on Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and above, effectively addressing around 90% of India’s Android devices.
Do I need to go through a formal contract to distribute my game on JioGames?
Yes, for now. Jio is working on an online contracting system which, once available, will make the JioGames onboarding experience entirely online.
How do I get paid?
Developers are paid directly, provided they have an account approved through an individual agreement with JioGames.
Do I need an Indian bank account to get paid?
No. By sharing account details and other appropriate documents, a developer can be paid to a foreign account.
What currency am I paid in?

JioGames can pay to bank accounts denominated in any legal currency, with settlement amounts based on Indian rupees (INR). The actual rate applied and/or amount received may differ from those confirmed due to reasons such as

  1. currency conversion made to the payout currency with the Bank’s prescribed exchange rate as at the time of payment or at the time of credit to the Receiver’s Bank Account, etc.;
  2. taxes and/or fees imposed upon payment of the money transfer or upon credit to the Receiver’s Bank Account;
  3. the payment currency is converted to the Bank’s prescribed currency at a rate equivalent to the Bank’s prescribed foreign exchange rate as at the time of payment or at the time of credit to the Receiver’s Bank Account, etc.
Which languages does JioGames operate in?
JioGames operates in English.
Which countries does JioGames reach?
JioGames is currently being offered for the Indian market only.
Does JioGames support premium (pay to download) games?
No, not at this stage.
Do I have to set IAP prices in INR?
Yes, all prices should be in INR.
What pricing works best on JioGames?
India is a price-sensitive market where international pricing would not work using simple currency conversions. Therefore, JioGames recommends that developers create pricing relevant to Indian market. For example, a product valued at US$0.99 would be more relevant priced at 10 INR.
What kind of games does JioGames accept?

JioGames welcomes games of all genres, however developers should refrain from posting games that contain any offensive content, established as such either through your own research or by legal consultation to include:

  • Inappropriate content, such as graphic depictions of extreme gore, unsettling content, sexually explicit content, hate speech, excessive violence, content that lacks sensitivity to sensitive events, religious violence, bullying and harassment, etc.
  • Gambling content dealing in real money
  • Content that infringes third-party intellectual property rights
What data privacy law does JioGames follow?
JioGames follows Indian Privacy Law, and details are covered as part of the commercial agreement during sign-off.
What are JioGames' game metadata requirements?

The UDP console may resize your visuals if materials don’t match the guidelines below:

Game Icon

JioGames dynamically renders rounded corners and drop shadows to the icons, while showing it to customers. This dynamic rendering will create a more uniformed look and better experience for users. Specification for Icon as below:

  • 512x512(PNG, JPG)
  • Max Size: 1024 Kb
Screen Shots

Make sure your screenshots show the best and most important features of your game, submit at least three screenshots to be eligible to appear in game collections. You can submit up to minimum 3 and maximum 8 Screenshot for your game in landscape or portrait mode:

  • Aspect Ratio: 1:2 (Portrait or Landscape)
  • Supported Dimension: 800 x 400 px, 400 x 800 px
  • Supported file PNG & JPG
  • No Transparency
Promotional Video or URL

A promotional video of your game; for us to promote your games across other media channels of Jio’ ecosystem.

  • Thumbnail:(16:9 ratio, File type - jpg,jpeg,png)
  • MP4 file should be less than 100MB
Feature Graphics
  • Resolution: 16:9 ratio (Only Landscape - 1600x900px)
  • File Size: less than 2MB
  • File Type: jpg,jpeg,png
What is JioGames' policy regarding piracy and intellectual property rights infringement?
Games that infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party will not be distributed by JioGames. If your game uses the IP of a third party, you will be required to provide documentation of your license or IP rights to distribute your game within the JioGames ecosystem. Please contact for more information.
Can I monetize my games with Ads?
Yes, but only using the JioAds Network. JioGames offers its JioAds SDK for developers to monetize their games through various ad formats such as rewarded, instream video, interstitials, banners, and native ads. Games integrated with any other ad network will be rejected by JioGames. You can download the JioAds SDK and its documentation using this link. Or contact developer support team for our Developer Kit.
What local payment methods does JioGames support?
JioGames supports locally popular and preferred payment methods such as Paytm, JioMoney, UPI, PhonePe, PayU, credit card, debit card, internet banking, and more.
What is the loyalty program offered by JioGames? How do developers get incentivized through this program?
JioGames encourages the submission of games which are relevant to Indian customers, and selected games can offer developers an additional share of revenue (royalties). This can include games based on sports that are popular in India (cricket, hockey, soccer), blockbuster movies, or educational games for children. Contact JioGames’ developer relations team for more details.