Middle East and Africa
TPAY MOBILE powers the game stores of a growing number of telecom operators in the Middle East and Africa, including Orange, Vodafone, among other operators who actively market digital services to their subscriber base. Together, they represent a market of over 578 million mobile subscribers in these regions.
TPAY MOBILE is an official content and payment partner for these telecom operators, bringing their subscribers content and offering them their preferred local payment methods, such as direct carrier billing or mobile wallets.
As a developer, you remain fully in control – when you submit your games to TPAY MOBILE Stores via UDP, you can select which countries and operators you want to distribute to in the MEA region.
How many users do TPAY MOBILE Stores have?
TPAY MOBILE Stores together represent an addressable market of over 578M mobile users.
Is TPAY MOBILE an actual app store?
Not exactly. TPAY MOBILE powers game stores of telecom operators in the MEA region, and each store is different – it can be an operator-branded web portal or an operator-run game store app. All of these operator stores are supplied with games by TPAY MOBILE.
Must I submit my game to all TPAY MOBILE Stores?
No. You can select which countries and operators you want to distribute your games to using the Publish interface of the UDP console.
What revenue share terms do TPAY MOBILE Stores offer?
It varies by country and mobile operator, but overall you will receive between 70% and 80% of the revenue after the deduction of country-specific taxes and charges.
What kind of devices do TPAY MOBILE Stores support?
TPAY MOBILE Stores support Android devices in general. The operator stores either use a web-based application which can be accessed from any Android device, or a storefront app that is compatible with the vast majority of Android devices.
How do I get paid?
TPAY MOBILE will transfer your share of the revenue to your bank account or mobile wallet.
Do I need a bank account from a specific country to get paid?
No. TPAY MOBILE can transfer to any international bank account.
What currency am I paid in?
Which languages do TPAY MOBILE Stores operate in?
TPAY MOBILE Stores operate in English, Arabic, and French, depending on an operator’s market region.
Which countries do TPAY MOBILE Stores cover?
TPAY MOBILE Stores is connecting to a growing number of mobile operators in the Middle East and Africa. The list is constantly expanding - check the Publish tab of the UDP console to see which operators you can already submit to. TPAY MOBILE’s coverage plans can be found at
Can different telecom operators accept or reject my game?
Yes. Each individual operator will review your game submission, and some may accept your game while others might reject it. The UDP console interface was adapted to offer you visibility on this process.
Do TPAY MOBILE Stores support premium (pay to download) games?
Do I have to set IAP prices in local currencies?
Yes. Use the Convert function in the UDP console to easily convert your prices into all of the local currencies requested by the regional operators. You can also adjust your pricing for each operator you submit your game to in the Advanced section of TPAY MOBILE Stores using the UDP console’s Publish interface.
What kind of games do TPAY MOBILE Stores look for?
TPAY MOBILE Stores accept quality games from around the world. They will reject games that involve pornography, gambling, or violate local laws and regulations.
What data privacy law do TPAY MOBILE Stores follow?
TPAY MOBILE Stores process data within the limits permitted by international laws and regulations. The applicable laws and regulations include any privacy or data protection laws and regulations and rules that apply to the processing of customer personal data at the given time.
What are TPAY MOBILE Stores’s policy regarding piracy and intellectual property rights infringement?
TPAY MOBILE Stores collectively oppose all piracy and intellectual property infringement and will refuse to distribute such games.
How do I access the TPAY MOBILE developer console after having registered via UDP?
Use the link below to access the TPAY MOBILE console and log in with the password you created when you signed up with TPAY MOBILE.