With Catappult you can reach hundreds of millions of users in Aptoide, Cherry Mobile, and Multilaser, with a single APK and a single account. Benefit from search prioritization for your app and having your app featured. Get at least 81% of the in-app revenue.
Catappult is a platform and software owned by Aptoide and based on the AppCoins blockchain open protocol. Blockchain is changing the way users interact with games and how games are distributed. Join IGG, NetEase, GTarcade and more than 5000 Android developers that are already leveraging the transparency of blockchain and AppCoins technology to unleash their games and apps. Benefit from the growing number of app stores and OEMs building the future of the app economy.
Catappult features a blockchain-based user acquisition model; its proof-of-attention (PoA) algorithm reduces the risk of fraudulent traffic. You pay only if a new user installs and uses your app for at least 2 minutes. In addition, 85% of your acquisition investment goes to the users through AppCoins rewards, so they are encouraged to spend. PoA boosts your user acquisition effort by eliminating most of the limitations of the CPI/CPM models.
Through UDP, developers are entitled to our weekly incentive program with rewards of up to 125,000 AppCoins.
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How many users does Catappult have?
Catappult reaches 250M unique users in all countries. Catappult has 45M monthly active users (MAUs) and generates 500M downloads monthly.
What revenue share terms does Catappult offer?
Developers get 81% of the revenue generated from in-app purchases.
Which Android app stores does Catappult cover?
Aptoide (global Android app store), Multilaser (OEM app store, Brazil), and Cherry Mobile (OEM app store, Philippines), with more coming soon.
How do I get paid?
All payments will be instantly credited to your Catappult wallet. Blockchain brings transparency to distribution, and all details will be available in a public ledger and on your Catappult dashboard.
So, do I need a Catappult wallet to get paid?
Yes. A wallet will be created when you register. Payment will be in AppCoins (APPC) based on the USD amount you are owed. You will be able to withdraw your balance anytime and convert this amount to USD or other currency.
What currency am I paid in?
Catappult uses AppCoins (APPC) for all transactions. All in-app purchases are transferred to your Catappult wallet in APPC. This happens within just a few minutes of each purchase. You can withdraw the APPC anytime and use one of the world top exchanges such as Binance or Huobi to convert your APPC to other coins or fiat currency. We will soon provide a service within Catappult to make this process faster and simpler.
Do I have to set IAP prices in AppCoins?
No. IAP prices are automatically converted from USD to APPC on an hourly basis. However, if you want to set your IAP prices in APPC, you can do so in the Advanced section before submitting your game.
How can I invest in promoting my game with Catappult and increase user acquisition?
Catappult is proposing a new approach to paid user acquisition within its app stores based on a proof-of-attention (PoA) algorithm and blockchain technology. This enables more transparency and reduces fraud in advertising campaigns. UDP integration with Catappult supports PoA campaigns.
You can also use other advertising platforms such as Facebook to acquire users. Games will have a unique link that can be set as the destination of a user acquisition campaign.
How can I use Catappult's user acquisition method?
If your game is repacked and submitted to Catappult via UDP, the Catappult user acquisition method will be readily available for your app. You need only use Catappult’s developer console to set and launch your campaigns:
Which currencies does Catappult use with its users?
The local currencies of countries where users access the service from. However, you need only submit your IAP prices in USD. Control over local pricing will be added soon.
What kind of games does Catappult accept?
We accept all games that comply with our Terms of Service.
What data privacy law does Catappult comply with?
Catappult abides by European Union laws and specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
What are Catappult’s game metadata requirements?
If your assets don’t match the below guidelines, the UDP console will resize your visuals so they meet the requirements and can be submitted gracefully.
  • Game icon
    • 512x512, png or jpg
  • Screenshots
    • any aspect ratio
    • width in pixels: minimum 384, maximum 1280
    • height in pixels: minimum 640, maximum 800
    • png or jpg, strictly under 5MB
  • Game banner
    • used for editorial features
    • aspect ratio 2:1, target 1024x500
    • png or jpg, strictly under 5MB
  • Game trailer video
    • must be a YouTube link
Which languages does Catappult operate in?
English is required, but we support other languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Dutch, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Marathi, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
Which countries does Catappult reach?
All countries.
Does Catappult have a beta environment?
No. Your games are submitted directly to Catappult for review and publishing.
Does Catappult support premium (pay to download) games?
No, not at this stage.
Can I submit multiple APKs per game?
No, not at this stage.
Does Catappult accept games with OBB files?
Yes, submit them along with your APK. The UDP console has a dedicated field for OBB files.
Does Catappult support device whitelists or blacklists?
No, not at this stage.
What is Catappult’s policy regarding piracy and intellectual property rights infringement?
Catappult is deeply committed to the respect of intellectual property rights regarding your games or content. If you detected that your apps or IP are being distributed through Catappult without your permission, please contact us
How do I access the Catappult developer console after I register via UDP?
Go to and sign in using the Unity button.