MOO Store
South-East Asia
moo store brings your games to millions of south-east asian players and opens access to major payment channels in a region that was hard to monetize because of low credit card penetration.
what makes moo store different:
  • a boutique store dedicated to fostering a healthy gaming community by promoting quality titles from all types of developers
  • comprehensive south-east asia payment aggregator (reach out to over 90% of south-east asia gamers through multiple payment channels via cloud moolah);
  • secure and safe transactions between developers and players based on blockchain technologies, without any 3rd-party involvement
  • indie friendly content curation, with a social layer focused on the gamer community
  • assistance from south-east asia’s publishing experts (in terms of localization, game operations, etc).
visit for more information.
Why hasn’t MOO Store gone live yet?
During the beta period, we learned social features are critical to foster an engaged player community. We therefore marked them as mandatory for commercial launch. The additional design and engineering efforts are delaying the launch date.
When will MOO Store go live?
MOO Store will go live in January 2020. Notifications will be sent out ahead of launch.
What will happen to games already submitted to MOO Store?
They remain on the MOO Store systems. Games pending approval will remain in the pending pool and be reviewed a month before the store launch.
What revenue share terms does MOO Store offer?
Developers get 70% of the revenue generated from in-app purchases.
Which countries does MOO Store cover?
South-East Asia in general; key countries are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.
How do I get paid?
Find your monthly revenue report in the CloudMoolah developer console within 10 days of the end of the previous month. You will be paid within 60 days of the day your report was posted. Your bank account information is captured when you first register to the CloudMoolah console.
Which currencies does MOO Store use?
The local currencies of countries where users access MOO Store from. However, you need only submit your IAP prices in USD.
What data privacy laws does MOO Store comply with?
CloudMoolah and the MOO Store abide by Singaporean law.
What kind of games does the MOO Store accept?
MOO Store welcomes games of all genres. However, refrain from posting:
  • Inappropriate content, such as sexually explicit content, hate speech, excessive violence, content that lacks sensitivity to sensitive events, bullying and harassment, etc.
  • Gambling content (however, content that meets certain requirements is acceptable; contact Developer Relations if you are unsure)
  • Content that infringes 3rd parties' intellectual property rights
What are MOO Store’s game metadata requirements?
If your assets don’t match the below guidelines, the UDP console will resize your visuals so they meet the requirements and can be submitted gracefully.
  • Game icon
    • 512x512, png or jpg
  • Screenshots
    • any aspect ratio
    • width in pixels: minimum 384, maximum 1280
    • height in pixels: minimum 640, maximum 800
    • png or jpg, ideally under 2MB, strictly under 5MB
  • Game banner
    • used for editorial features + as video thumbnail
    • aspect ratio 2:1, target 1024x500
    • png or jpg, ideally under 2MB, strictly under 5MB
  • Game trailer video
    • must be an mp4 file (maximum 20MB)
Which languages does MOO Store operate in?
English is essential and required. Simplified Chinese is an advantage in most territories. Nice to have: Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese.
Does MOO Store have a beta environment?
Yes. You will be able to submit your game to bundle environment and send private download links to your beta users.
Does MOO Store support premium (pay to download) games?
No, not at bundle stage.
Can I submit multiple APKs for the same game?
No, only a single APK per game at bundle stage.
Does MOO Store accept games with OBB files?
Yes, submit them along with your APK. The UDP console has a dedicated field for OBB files.
Does MOO Store support device whitelists or blacklists?
No, not at bundle stage.
How do I access the CloudMoolah developer console after I register via UDP?
Go to and sign in using the Unity button.