Mi GetApps
India, Indonesia, Russia
Mi GetApps is the official app store preinstalled on every Xiaomi smartphone sold outside of China, enabling developers to bring their games to India, Indonesia, and Russia.
Xiaomi has massive global reach, ranking as the #1 app marketplace in India and Indonesia and #2 in Russia. Mi GetApps leverages Xiaomi’s strong business ecosystem to enable developers to reach, acquire, and monetize players through various distribution resources and capabilities such as ads, store features, and special local events and promotions.
Please visit http://global.developer.mi.com/home  for more information.
How many users does Mi GetApps have?
Mi GetApps and Mi Game Center together represent 200 million monthly active users. Mi GetApps services Xiaomi users that live outside of China.
What revenue share terms does Mi GetApps offer?
You will earn 70% of the gross revenue. Net revenue is defined as the gross revenue (end-user price) minus the payment gateway fee and the bad debt (eg. fraud)
What kind of devices can the Mi GetApps client support?
All Android devices.
When and how do I enter a distribution agreement with Mi GetApps?
After your game is submitted to and accepted by Mi GetApps. That’s when the Xiaomi team will be in touch to go over the formalities to onboard your game, including signing a distribution agreement. As such, make sure you provide your business email (not your support email) when completing the UDP sign-up with Mi GetApps.

Note that Mi GetApps will process a separate distribution agreement for each game.
How do I get paid?
Currently, Xiaomi issues payment quarterly and manually. Quicker and automated payment support is planned for a future update. Invoice templates are provided on the  Mi developer portal .
What currency am I paid in?
Xiaomi will pay in USD.
Which languages does Mi GetApps operate in?
English is essential and required. Mi GetApps also supports Hindi, Indonesian, and Russian. Localization in Russian is highly recommended when distributing to Russia.
Which countries does Mi GetApps reach?
India, Indonesia, Russia.
Does Mi GetApps support premium (pay-to-download) games?
No, not at this stage.
Does Mi GetApps require additional permissions from players?
Yes. The Mi GetApps SDK requests players for permission to make and manage phone calls, and to access files, photos, media on the device.
Do I have to set IAP prices in any specific currency?
You have to set IAP prices in USD. The minimum required amount is USD 0.01 and maximum allowed amount is USD 10,000.
What kind of games does Mi GetApps accept?
Xiaomi welcomes quality titles of all genres that comply with the local laws of each region served by Mi GetApps.
What data privacy law does Mi GetApps follow?
Mi GetApps complies with GDPR.
What is Mi GetApps’s policy regarding piracy and intellectual property rights infringement?
Xiaomi respects intellectual property rights. If you discover that your games are being distributed through our platform without your authorization, please contact Xiaomi’s Overseas Game Support team at  overseas-game@xiaomi.com.
How do I access the Mi GetApps developer console after I register via UDP?
Go to https://udp.unity.mi.com and log in using your Unity ID.
Does Mi GetApps have a beta environment?
No, not at this stage.