QooApp Game Store
QooApp is a professional platform specializing in anime games and otaku cultures. Its goals are to create a virtual haven for anime fans to discover and share what they love with kindred spirits around the world.
QooApp Game Store provides not only games but also an active community and informative media that evolves according to gamers’ needs. The store provides over 7,000 games with a multilingual interface, including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Japanese. Over 4 million gamers have joined our community and discuss what they play on a monthly basis.
QooApp’s headquarters are situated in Hong Kong. Regional branch offices include Taipei, Shenzhen, and Tokyo.
How many users does QooApp have?
Over 4 million gamers have joined the QooApp community and discuss the games they play on a monthly basis.
What revenue share terms does QooApp offer?
The developer will be paid 75% of the total transaction payment of each game.
What kind of devices can QooApp client support?
Android 4.2 and up.
How do I get paid? Do I need a Hong Kong bank account?
QooApp supports payment by telegraphic transfer and PayPal. QooApp is able to make global payments as long as you have a bank account or PayPal account.
What currency am I paid in?
QooApp pays in USD. Please confirm with your bank that you can accept payment in USD.
Which languages does QooApp operate in?
QooApp provides a multilingual interface game database in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Japanese.
Which countries/regions does QooApp reach?
QooApp users are fans who love anime games from all around the globe. Your game will be displayed to global users by default. If you wish to restrict the distribution of your game to specific countries, please visit https://open.qoo-app.com/?ref=udp-country-list.
Does QooApp support premium (pay-to-download) games?
Yes. Premium games can be purchased on QooApp using its virtual currency “iQ” (30iQ = 1 USD).
Do I have to set IAP prices in USD?
Yes. You must set IAP prices in USD, but you may set them in additional currencies as well.
What kind of games does QooApp accept?
QooApp’s editorial team favors anime games, but accepts quality games of all types. Games that may violate copyrights will not be accepted on the QooApp platform.
What data privacy law does QooApp follow?
QooApp abides by Hong Kong laws, specifically the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "PDPO").
What is QooApp’s policy regarding piracy and intellectual property rights infringement?
QooApp respects intellectual property rights and is against piracy. If you believe IP rights have been violated, please report the infringement to mr@qoo-app.com to remove the infringing material.
Does QooApp have a beta environment?
Not yet.