Samsung Galaxy Store
The Samsung Galaxy Store is preloaded on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets, worldwide. Every month, 400 million visitors download more than 450 million apps from the Samsung Galaxy Store. The Galaxy Store is currently available in 188 countries and provides paid content, including in-app purchases (IAPs), in 109 countries.
The Galaxy Store features content displays and store operations customized for each regional market. In giant markets such as China and India, aggressive localization strategies are used.
Partnering with the Galaxy Store maximizes the influence of your promotions – we can provide banners, featured displays, push messages and other marketing material.
Check  this guide  to get started with Samsung Galaxy Store.
How do I sign up as a Samsung Galaxy Store developer?
Click on the "Sign-up to Samsung Galaxy Store" link on UDP to begin. You will be redirected to Samsung's Galaxy Store seller portal.
  • create a Samsung Account (if you don't have one already)
  • create a Seller Profile on the Galaxy Store seller portal
  • be sure to apply for Commercial Seller Status (this is important!)
For more information on these steps go here.
How many users does Samsung Galaxy Store have?
400 million users visit the Samsung Galaxy Store monthly and download more than 450 million apps.
What revenue share terms does Samsung Galaxy Store offer?
We provide our partners with 70% of net revenue. However, the terms for sharing may be adjusted through an agreement if the partner provides special offers to Galaxy Store.
What does “net revenue” mean?
Net revenue differs from the total revenue. Net revenue does not include:
(a) VAT or other sales taxes in cases where you distribute your content using our services in Commissionaire Countries
(b) other reasonable costs connected with the provision of services, such as bank and gateway portal provider charges, currency conversion charges, etc.
(c) refunded amounts, bad debts, canceled amounts, or other amounts of similar nature
What kind of devices can Samsung Galaxy Store client support?
The Samsung Galaxy Store is preloaded on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets. In China, the Galaxy Store can be installed and used on smart devices other than Samsung Android devices.
Must I request for Commercial Seller Status when signing up to Samsung Galaxy Store?
Yes. Only Samsung Galaxy Store seller accounts with Commercial Seller Status can be linked to UDP. This is also required to submit games with in-app purchases or which sell at a premium price.
How do I get paid?
You must be registered as a paid content seller in Galaxy Store Seller Portal. Upon registration, bank account information is required. Your bank account information is used for profit sharing.
Do I need a specific bank account to get paid?
It depends on your nationality. If you are Korean, you must use a Korean bank account that can receive KRW. If you are Chinese, you must register a Chinese account that can receive RMB. If you are not Korean or Chinese, you can use any account that is not Korean or Chinese.
What currency am I paid in?
Unless you are Korean or Chinese, you are paid in USD. If you are Korean or Chinese, you will be paid in KRW or RMB respectively.
Which languages does Samsung Galaxy Store operate in?
The Galaxy Store supports more than 85 languages worldwide, including all major languages.
Which countries does Samsung Galaxy Store reach?
The Galaxy Store is available in 188 countries, and it provides paid content, including IAPs, in 109 countries.
Does Samsung Galaxy Store support premium (pay to download) games?
Yes. The Galaxy Store supports premium games.
Do I have to set IAP prices in any specific currency?
No. Prices need only be set in USD, Samsung Galaxy Store will do the conversion to local currencies. If you define prices in local currencies, Samsung will take them into account.
What kind of games does Samsung Galaxy Store accept?
All game genres are welcome. You may not register games that may violate the laws, rules, or regulations of the corresponding countries. You may apply age restrictions to your game to comply with laws, rules, or regulations.
What are Samsung Galaxy Store’s game metadata requirements?
The below text-based fields found in the UDP console have syntax restrictions:
  • For all text-based fields, the following are not allowed:
    • SQL Injection
    • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
    • Emoji
  • Game Title should be 150 bytes max and must exclude # ; * { } < > ./ ../ [QA]_ _[TEST] untitled (Case-insensitive)
  • Game Description should be 12,000 bytes max and must exclude ./ or ../
  • What’s New should be 4000 bytes max and must exclude ./ or ../
  • Keywords should be 60 bytes max each and must exclude special characters . ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ { } + = [ ] | \ ; : " ' < > ? / ./ ../ (comma and space)
  • (for Simplified Chinese only) Game Short Description should be 20 bytes minimum, 240 bytes max and must exclude ./ or ../
  • IAP Name should be 100 bytes max, only English characters, Korean characters, numbers, space and special characters . - _ are allowed
  • IAP Description should be 1000 bytes max and must exclude ./ or ../ or any character requiring more than 4 bytes
  • IAP Product ID should be 130 bytes max, and only lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters . _ are allowed
Samsung's Application Registration Guide lists metadata requirements which may be more up to date. However, bear in mind it was written for users submitting their games directly to the Galaxy Store Seller Portal; their workflow is different from UDP.
My game was accepted by Samsung Galaxy Store, but I cannot submit an update. Why?
Your game needs to be published to the Galaxy storefront before you can submit an update. Retry after the game has been published.
Once accepted, will my game launch automatically on Samsung Galaxy Store?
Not necessarily. You can choose to set a specific date to launch your game manually. In both cases your game must first be accepted by the store. The default option is to launch manually after your game is accepted. If you set a specific launch date, your game would go live on that day provided it has been accepted by the store by then. You can set launch options before you submit your game (in the Advanced section) and change them after submission (in the Status tab).
What data privacy law does Samsung Galaxy Store follow?
Refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information.
What is Samsung Galaxy Store’s policy regarding piracy and intellectual property rights infringement?
Samsung Galaxy Store does not permit any breach of intellectual property rights. Any content that is found to violate intellectual property rights will be immediately removed from the store. Also, such incidents may result in civil and criminal charges.
How do I access the Samsung Galaxy Store developer console after I register via UDP?
Does Samsung Galaxy Store have a beta environment?
Yes. To use it, you must first submit your game to Samsung Galaxy Store via UDP, then access the Galaxy Store Seller Portal and to switch your game to the Beta track. This guide explains the different steps to follow.
Why do I need to comply with U.S. Export Laws?
Some infrastructures of the Galaxy Store are located in the United States, and that requires content sold through the Galaxy Store to comply with U.S. Export Laws.
Are there any restrictions on the services that can be included in my game?
Samsung Galaxy Store will reject games using Google Play Services if they are intended for distribution to China. Google Play Services include the Google Maps API, Firebase Cloud Messaging and Google location APIs.
Are there country restrictions when submitting my game to Samsung Galaxy Store?
Yes. Certain countries may not be available for distribution based on your studio's country of residency. Specifically:
  • If your studio is from the USA, you cannot distribute to Iran and China
  • If your studio is from Iran, you cannot distribute to the USA and China
  • If your studio is from China, you can distribute to all countries including China
  • If your studio is from any other country, you can distribute to all countries except China
The country of residency taken into account is the one registered on the Samsung Galaxy Store's seller portal. UDP takes this restriction into account so you will simply not see the restricted countries in the 'Countries' selector when submitting your game to Samsung Galaxy Store.
Do I need a GRAC rating certificate?
If your game is rated 18+ and is intended for distribution in Korea, the Korean authorities require a certificate obtained from their Game Rating and Administration Committee.
I’m not Korean, and I do not live in Korea. Can I still apply for a GRAC certificate?
Yes. GRAC has a website in English where you can apply on your own, without needing any local legal person to represent you. You can also access this Google support page for resources on the GRAC certificate application.