Get Started with UDP
Hello, and welcome to the Unity Distribution Portal. Your gateway to 1 billion enthusiastic mobile gamers starts here, so let’s get familiar with UDP.
Watch and learn
It doesn’t take much to get your mobile game project set up and working with UDP. These videos will take you through each of the steps required to start using UDP so you can get up and running more quickly.
Brief introduction
This is Unity Distribution Portal
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UDP Basics part 1
Linking Unity to UDP
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UDP Basics part 2
Getting your game into the UDP dev console
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UDP Basics part 3
Partner Store sign-ups, submissions, and performance
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By the numbers
Below, you’ll find a high-level overview of getting started in UDP. We know you’re ready to save time on getting your game in as many app stores as possible, so we’ll keep it to 10 steps.
  1. Make sure UDP is installed (via Package Manager or the Asset Store) in the Unity Editor.
  2. In the My Games page of this UDP console, click “Create new game” and fill out metadata information, including uploading videos and images.
  3. Copy the client ID on the console, bring it back to the UDP Settings window in Unity Editor, and paste it to link your open project and the UDP console.
  4. When you’re finished setting up UDP in your Unity project (including necessary C# methods) and want to start putting your game on stores, create a UDP build in Unity, test your APK in the UDP Sandbox, then upload it to the UDP console.
  5. Complete all other relevant steps in the Game Info section (currencies, localized language support, etc.)
  6. Save, and create a release.
  7. Once you’ve created a release of your game, go to the Publish page to choose the app stores you want to sign up and submit to.
  8. After you’ve successfully signed up to your selected stores, repack and submit your games to these stores (some stores will have additional steps, for which you may need to visit store-specific developer portals).
  9. You’ll be taken over to the Status page to see successful or rejected repacks, submissions and store reviews.
  10. Once games are accepted by your selected stores, you’ll be able to start monitoring their performance in the Reporting dashboard.
Helpful guides
Samsung Galaxy Store
Signing up to Samsung Galaxy Store via UDP lets you link your Unity account with your Samsung account. Once you’ve authorized linking between accounts, you will be taken to Samsung to create your Seller account.
ONE store
ONE store enjoys a 45 million-strong user base, 200,000 of which are monthly active paying gamers. Please follow the instructions below to sign up for a ONE store account, link it with UDP, and submit your game to the store.
Huawei AppGallery
HUAWEI AppGallery serves high-quality content to all owners of HUAWEI and Honor mobile phones across more than 170 countries. Getting your game on to AppGallery is a unique process that involves a decent amount of time spent in the AppGallery developer console.
Here are some longer-form guides to some of our stores, including the ones that require a little more finesse.
You’ll find more helpful developer guides in the Resources section of the UDP console.
Additionally, visit our Partner Stores page to learn more about each of the app stores on UDP.
How much does UDP cost to use?
UDP is entirely free for developers.
Do I need to sign up directly with UDP stores?
Yes. You enter a direct relationship with each of the UDP stores you distribute your games to. That said, UDP will link your store account with your Unity ID so that once you’re signed up to a store you can submit your game directly to it from UDP.
What happens when I submit my game to the stores?
Your game will be reviewed by each store you submit it to. If a store accepts your game, the store’s team will set its launch in motion. You will always be notified of the progress of your submission via UDP.
Does UDP support non-Unity games?
For now, UDP is only for games made with Unity.
What devices does UDP work with?
Unity-supported Android mobile form factors.
Do I have to submit my game to all UDP stores?
No. You choose which stores you want to submit your game to. For app stores with regional or global reach, you can control which countries your game will be distributed to.
Does Unity handle the store payouts?
No. Stores will pay you directly.