Unity Distribution Portal
Global app store sign-up, submission, and management for Android games.
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What is Unity Distribution Portal?
The Unity Distribution Portal allows you to set up, perform, and manage app store submissions for your Android titles. UDP-enabled games will be turned into store-specific builds which you can directly submit to the app stores from inside the portal. Use the reporting tool to create actionable insights and respond to your audience better informed, have stores curated based on your needs, and reach the ideal audience for your game type. Read below to learn more and get started with the Unity Distribution Portal.
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Using Unity Distribution Portal
Getting Started
A quick guide to start streamlining your Android game launch roadmap with UDP.
Store Sign-Ups
Learn more about UDP’s partner stores, and start signing up for them with ease.
Tutorial Videos
Beginner and advanced tutorial videos to learn how to use UDP.
Every single piece of information you will ever need to become a UDP pro.
Knowledge Base
A helpful page dedicated to some of the resources here, store-specific developer guides, and more.
Case Study
Learn how solo studio Galactic Slices’ Jonathan Concepcion used UDP to accomplish a one-man global game launch.