Monetization needs
Sign up to HUAWEI AppGallery and link your game
Have these ready
Signing up and linking
Step 1 - Sign up to HUAWEI AppGallery
Step 2 - Create your game on AppGallery
Step 3 - Link your game to UDP
Complete your game registration
Finding the PubKey
Privacy Policy
Complete the registration
A couple more things
Submitting your game to HUAWEI AppGallery
Go the the Publish section
Track your game’s performance
Using HUAWEI AppGallery with UDP
HUAWEI AppGallery serves high-quality content to all owners of HUAWEI and Honor mobile phones across more than 170 countries. Getting your game on to AppGallery is a unique process that involves a decent amount of time spent in the AppGallery developer console, but getting your game published there will be well worth that effort!
Monetization needs:
• IAP = Yes (Mandatory)
• Premium Pricing = Not supported via UDP
• Ads = Unrestricted (make sure your ad stack works in your repacked game)
Sign up to HUAWEI AppGallery and link your game
The Sign-up step for HUAWEI AppGallery differs from other stores, and will require you to switch between the UDP console and the AppGallery console a few times. Once you complete that process, your game will be created on AppGallery and linked to UDP.
Have these ready:
• Photo ID (Passport, license, etc.)
• Bank account information
• Swift code
• Proof of bank account (i.e. picture of bankbook)
Signing up and linking
Begin by clicking on “Sign up to HUAWEI AppGallery”
Step 1 - Sign up to HUAWEI AppGallery
The first prerequisite is to have a HUAWEI AppGallery developer account.
If you already have one, click Next (and jump to Step 2)
If you don't, click Go to AppGallery console to create a HUAWEI developer account there:
  • On the AppGallery developer console, click “sign up” in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen
  • Create a HUAWEI ID
  • Choose to register as an Individual or an Enterprise (and have required documents for whichever you choose at the ready)
  • Fill out and upload all required information and documents on the “Apply for Developer Account” page
  • Read and agree to the HUAWEI AppGallery Privacy Statement and Developer Service Agreement, then click “Submit”
    • Identity verification will arrive via email in 1-2 business days.
  • Click on the “merchant services” link to enable in-app purchases
  • Fill out and provide all required info and documents (namely proof of bank account)
  • Click “Submit”
Come back to the UDP console once done.
Step 2 - Create your game on AppGallery
Next, you’ll have to create your game on the AppGallery side.
  • Copy the package name provided by UDP
  • Click Go to AppGallery console and log into your HUAWEI developer account.
  • Go to My Apps and create your game on the AppGallery console, paying attention to the following:
    • For the app category, select “Game” (and not “App”)
    • Select “Add to project” and create a new Project
    • Be sure to match your game genre to the one you chose on UDP.
    • Finally, go to My Project and paste the package name copied from UDP (it should end with .huawei)
    Note 1: The AppGallery console requires you to link your game to a Project. if you omitted to select “Add to project” when creating your game, simply relink the Project to the game in Project Setting > General information using the “Add App” button.
    Note 2: after your game is created on AppGallery, you may notice an App Signing section where AppGallery offers to sign your APK again before it is published. There is no default choice, and you should leave it untouched if you don't want AppGallery to change your game’s signature after it is submitted from UDP. If you select either of the AppGallery signing options, AppGallery will sign your game again based on your selection, overriding your app signing choice made in the UDP console.
Once these steps are completed and saved, return to the UDP console and click Next to move to the last step.
Step 3 - Link your game to UDP
Click Link game to UDP and authorize the link by authenticating with your HUAWEI account.
Your game should now be linked between AppGallery and UDP. If an error pops up, be sure to correct it with the error details provided.
Complete your game registration
Once your game is linked to UDP successfully, you will reach the Game Registration form. The greyed-out fields were retrieved from AppGallery during the linking process. The remaining fields need to be input manually before you can complete the registration of your game.
The remaining fields are the PubKey (IAP Public Key) and the Privacy Policy. The PubKey must be retrieved from the AppGallery console.
Finding the PubKey
  • Jump back to the AppGallery console,
  • Go to My projects > [GAME NAME] > Project Settings > Earning > In-App Purchases
  • Copy and paste the IAP PubKey from this window to the “Game Registration” form on the UDP console
Privacy Policy
  • Fill in the field with your corresponding URL. It must start with http:// or https://
Complete the registration
Once you have input the App Secret, the PubKey and the Privacy Policy on the UDP console’s Game Registration form, click on REGISTER to complete the process.
Once completed, you can begin repacking and submitting your game to HUAWEI AppGallery.
A couple more things
1- Subsequent games. Once you successfully linked your first game between AppGallery and UDP, for subsequent games you will start the game registration journey at the step “Create your game on AppGallery”.
2- Reauthentication. The HUAWEI authentication token links your Unity and AppGallery accounts. If you want to switch to another HUAWEI account, use Reauthorize in the Advanced section of HUAWEI AppGallery to initiate a new authentication process.
Submitting your game to HUAWEI AppGallery
Once your game is registered, you can begin repacking and submitting your game to HUAWEI AppGallery.
  • Go to the Publish section
  • Any warnings or errors will be flagged ahead of submitting your game to AppGallery. Errors must be addressed before you can submit.
  • You can set a launch date for your game, but only before submitting it.
  • When you’re satisfied, click “Publish” at the top right of the screen.
  • You will be sent to the Status section showing your game’s submission progress.
Note: Premium games cannot be submitted to HUAWEI AppGallery via UDP.
You will be notified when your game is accepted (or rejected) by HUAWEI AppGallery.
Your game will be launched immediately after it is accepted, or on the date you set. Be sure to clear the final step in time for its launch.
Track your game’s performance
Select Store = HUAWEI AppGallery to view your game’s performance on AppGallery.
Note: due to limitations in the integration with HUAWEI AppGallery, UDP can only retrieve revenue information if you use the QueryOrder method to validate your IAP purchases. If you use the IAP Callback method for your server-side validation, no revenue information will be returned in the Reporting dashboard.
If you encounter any issues with the AppGallery developer console, reach out to developer@huawei.com for assistance.
More information and FAQs are available on the HUAWEI AppGallery page.