Uptodown is an Android app store with more than 130 million monthly active users. Distribute your games globally and enjoy an 80% revenue share payout using Uptodown’s simple and secure in-app payment method.
Uptodown can help boost your game’s discoverability and increase its SEO and ASO rankings thanks to expert editorial and localization teams who create unique reviews and original content for games in 15 languages. Uptodown can also help improve your user acquisition by increasing your game’s visibility through different promotional spaces that place your game front and center on Uptodown’s platform. Uptodown already generates 450M+ monthly downloads worldwide.
Safety is Uptodown’s main priority. As such, VirusTotal scans the entire catalog with 50 different antivirus solutions to ensure that users always download top-notch content.
How many users does Uptodown have?
Uptodown currently has a community of 130 million MAUs.
What revenue share terms does Uptodown offer?
Registered developers enjoy an 80% revenue share payout.
What kind of devices does Uptodown client support?
Uptodown is a web-based platform and is also available as an Android-native app. Uptodown is available on all kinds of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and TVs.
How do I get paid?
Uptodown’s default payment method is manual. In other words, you have to access your merchant panel and request a payment. Otherwise, you may select the automatic payment option and choose the minimum amount of earnings that triggers the system making a payment. On the first of each month, an invoice will automatically be generated, and you will be able to download it from Uptodown’s merchant panel if you have reached that minimum value.In both cases, the minimum amount to be paid is 1,000€, and payments will be made NET40 between the fifth and tenth of each month via wire transfer.
Is there a transfer fee?
Yes, a transfer fee is imposed on each payment depending on your country.
Should I send an invoice to Uptodown?
No, Uptodown will issue an invoice on your company’s behalf in order to speed up the process. Be sure to include all your company details, VAT and bank account in your merchant account during the registration process. Please keep in mind that once the invoice has been issued, no changes can be made.
Is a VAT added to the final prices?
Yes, Uptodown is a company registered in Spain and follows the EU VAT regulations. A percentage of the VAT will be added to users in EU countries in accordance with the legislation of each country.
Do users have to pay any transaction fees?
Yes, for bank card transactions an additional 0.20€ per transaction is charged to the player to cover bank card fees.
Do I need to have a Spanish bank account to get paid?
No, simply enter your local bank account information.
What currency will I be paid in?
You will be paid in Euros (EUR/€).
What languages can I use to communicate with the Uptodown team?
The Uptodown team includes Spanish and English speakers.
Which countries does Uptodown reach?
Uptodown is available worldwide. Some of our main markets are LATAM, South Asia, North Africa, Russian speaking countries, and Europe.
Which languages does Uptodown App Store operate in?
The Uptodown App Store is available in 15 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, and Thai.
Does Uptodown support premium (pay to download) games?
Not yet, but the service will be available soon.
Do I have to set IAP prices in Euros?
Yes, they must be in Euros (EUR/€).
What kind of games does Uptodown accept?
Uptodown accepts all types of games. However, Uptodown’s editorial team reserves the right to reject entries based on internal policies.
What data privacy law does Uptodown follow?
Uptodown abides by European Union laws and specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
What are Uptodown’s game metadata requirements?
Uptodown’s content team is responsible for creating unique and exclusive material for each game. This includes custom reviews, screenshots and a gameplay video that will be hosted on Uptodown’s YouTube channel. The procedure for creating this content is as follows:
  • Uptodown receives your game assets from UDP
  • Uptodown works with game banners in a 1600x900 w/o text, JPG format
  • Please contact the Uptodown team if you would like to use your own screenshots or provide additional material
Can I submit multiple APKs for a game?
No, not at this stage.
What is Uptodown’s policy regarding piracy and intellectual property rights infringement?
Uptodown respects intellectual property rights and is against piracy. If you believe that your IP rights have been violated, please report the infringement here to remove the infringing material.
How do I access the Uptodown developer console after I register via UDP?
Access the Uptodown console using the link https://en.uptodown.com/developers-zone, and choose "log in with Unity" to authenticate with your UnityID.