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Samsung Galaxy Store
Offers 70% rev share, reaches North American and Asian audiences, and enjoys 100mil+ MAU.
HUAWEI AppGallery
Third-largest app store in the world, offers 70% rev share, and reaches 530mil MAU.
ONE store
Second-largest app store in Korea, Offers 80% rev share, and reaches 90% of Korea’s Android smartphone users.
QooApp Game Store
Global Android game store with no region restrictions, social hub, entertainment news, and more.
Mi GetApps
Offers 70% rev share, reaches India, Russia, and Indonesia, and has 200mil+ MAU.
Enables foreign mobile developers to publish games to app stores in China, the largest and most profitable gaming market in the world.
Offers 80% rev share, creates custom written and visual content for developers, and reaches 130mil+ MAU globally.
SHAREit Game Store
Offers 70% rev share, reaches 200+ countries around the world, and sees 500mil+ MAU.
Under maintenance
Closed Beta
Offers 70% rev share, reaches Android gamers across India, offers players a curated experience for high-quality game discovery.